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At totel.ly we know what a challenge it is to live by your environmental ideals, even with the best intentions. totel.ly is an online marketplace for sustainable and circular (second hand) products that reduce waste and maximize existing resources. We detail how your products and purchases impact our natural planet and help you to make conscious choices. Our community is a network of local ventures, making it easy for all of us to protect and thrive where we are. Every small action on totel.ly gives back: to small business, to our natural world and to you. Win. Win. Win. Collectively we regenerate. What comes around, goes around and we aim to take the strain off our planet. Simple but significant.

Piloting in Iceland in Spring 2021.

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What does it mean to be a Seller on totel.ly?

totel.ly is here to help you sell your amazing products to an audience who is either taking the steps to become more sustainable in their lives or are already very aware of their environmental impact. You are selling to a like-minded audience who hope to ease up on their carbon footprint as well as give back to Earth and its life forms.

You don’t need to be an established business to sell with us, you could be an individual (micro-entrepreneur) with a passion to sell your homemade products or second-hand items. All vendors are welcome, providing products are beneficial to reducing waste or improving the environmental impact of current products. Selling on this platform means you are contributing to the health of your local environment, too!


What type of products can be sold on totel.ly?

New products / services
totel.ly is the place for green, environmentally friendly, ethical, fair trade, sustainable, circular and / or regenerative products. We also encourage locally made homemade goods (ideally organic, natural) for those who would like to start a small side project/home business.

Second-hand items
Clothes, house-hold items, small furniture. We aim to keep used items in circulation in the local economy thus extending it’s life so it doesn’t end up in the trash (landfill). This small step becomes a giant leap forward if we take it together!


How will the products be listed on totel.ly?

We aim to support the local ecosystem and therefore products that are within the local area of the customer will be listed first.

Each product will require information related to:

  • Origin: Does it come from a ethical or fair trade environment, are the elements within it harvested in a way that is environmentally sound?
  • Material: What is it made from?
  • Waste: What kind of waste, either packaging or bi-product, if any, is in this product?

If you are not sure about any of these for your products, don’t worry we are here to help. We value transparency and want to detail your products in a way that our mutual customers are able to make informed choices about their purchase and its related impact on the planet.


Can I become a Seller?

Anyone can become a seller from an individual person (a seller) to a well established company (pro seller). We welcome all, and truly aim for our sellers to thrive within the totel.ly environment.

If you are thinking of selling less than 10 items at any one time, you will join us with a ‘Seller’ account. If you intend to promote larger quantities, or you operate as a company, you will join us with a ‘Pro-Seller’ account. You can upgrade from Seller to a Pro-Seller at any time. If you have questions about whether you can be a totel.ly Seller or Pro-Seller, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


How do I become a Seller or a Pro-Seller?

When we are officially live, you can create a regular Seller account and upgrade to a Pro-Seller account for free. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to be notified when we are live!


Start selling!

As we are selling online, the visual representation of your product is key. We need good high resolution images to help you sell your products so that the customer can get a clear idea of the product. For details on how to make great images, please see this video. When your images are uploaded and you have filled in all the information, we will review your item. Once it has been verified, you are live and ready to sell!

Sharing is caring, so let the world know your totel.ly products are ready for purchase.


How much does it cost me as a Seller?

As we roll out the totel.ly platform, we want to keep it as simple and affordable as possible. There are no upfront costs; we want to work with you as a partner and only share in your success.

Our current rates are as follows:

Seller account (less than 10 items)
You will only be charged kr.150 (€1) for each product you sell. We only charge you when you have made a sale. There will be no upfront charges for you. Win-win-win.
Good to know: Products must be priced at kr.500 (€3.33) or more.

Pro Seller account (for 10+ items or an established company)
Items below kr.1.500 (€10) - totel.ly will receive a commission fee of 8% on the sale price.
Items above kr.1.500 (+€10)- totel.ly will receive a commission fee of 12% on the sale price.

Other costs
Card processing fees: a percentage for card processing fees will also be deducted from your sales. This typically ranges from 0.35% to 1.3% depending on the card used.
Refund fees: if the client requests a refund via the platform and we incur any processing costs, this will be charged to you.

For example: if you sell an item for kr.2.000, totel.ly will receive kr.240 (12% commission) and we will deduct the card charge of kr.7 (0.35% for a debit card). You will receive kr.1.753 (net amount) for this item sold.

What is our mission & vision?


  • To advance circular and regenerative principles in support of our natural environment and human community.
  • To inspire and educate for optimal use of our resources on a daily basis.
  • We co-create our future with every small intentional action. The future we’re aiming for is one where we participate in a circular and regenerative cultures, where everybody thrives. Each action today, no matter how small, contributes to this emerging future.


We aim for a future with no “Earth Overshoot Day.”A future where we truly value our interrelation with Earth, its life forms and each other; where we embody the understanding that Earth is our treasured home.

What are our values?


Beyond sustainability

We recognise where the planet is currently, realising that sustainability is simply not enough. We need to reach for regenerative circular cultures whereby everyone thrives. We will invest our 51% Earth share profits into projects that contribute to local community initiatives, supporting regenerative and circular advances.


The best of what is available now

We start with “the best solution” available here and now and adapt when something “better” is available and resources allow. From our products to our business practises, we will use what is available in the current market but will adapt to the best “green“ option available. We strive to maximise the potential of our resources and technology. Similarly, we want our customers to feel no pressure or guilt if they cannot find suitable substitutes for the products they love. We are about finding the best current options for them; options with the prospect of evolving and changing as new technologies become available. We want to be the first to let them know of the “greener” alternatives.


Community driven

Our vendors and customers are our community (the totellers) and we will help them thrive by fulfilling their needs and personal missions (aligned with our mission) within our given resources.


Celebration and appreciation

Every small action, with an intention for a regenerative thriving and happy future, is celebrated and considered the cornerstone of how we operate and aim to inspire our stakeholders. Every resource is valued and appreciated. Through stewardship (not ownership), we enable the resource to co-create more value through synergy and flow.


Earth stewardship

We recognise we are in a living partnership with the earth and its lifeforms and so we take on the role of steward. Decisions are based on what is the best for the whole (eco-system). We can be profitable but not profit based.



We acknowledge and aim to come from the story of interbeing as opposed to the predominant cultural story of separation. We recognise that all life is inter-connected as what happens to one, affects us all. We acknowledge each living being (earth, animal, human, life forms) as a valued part of the whole and, through this interconnection, we can thrive.


Living the questions

We live in constant enquiry in relation to our sense of place. We work to nurture a culture of learning, as well as embrace failures; being open to the questions that guide us into regenerative cultures.

Meet the team

testimonial Tanja Wohlrab-Ryan Direction & Whole-Systems Steward

I was born in South Africa where the plethora of animals are a part of our natural environment, and with that a sense of stewardship for them is fostered. My love for forests awakened when I lived in the UK. They are my sanctuary and I feel almost as if I am entering into a sacred space, where I feel welcomed as a member of the thriving collective of the forest consciousness. I now live in Iceland and no other place has given me such a visceral awareness of the power and beauty of the elements. My first experience of a glacier was like meeting a large being that was the grandmother overseeing and taking care of her environment. A humbling experience.

I am a mother and wife (Ólafur Aron is my partner :-), and look to my family as my learning and nurturing space where I understand myself and my growing community. As reflected in times with children I naturally tend to seek experiences that fulfill a deep sense of purpose, with the excitement of creativity and curiosity of trying new things sprinkled with a sense of fun and play.

I have a strong drive which I enjoy directing towards projects that make me feel alive and that contribute to a greater whole.I would say my super power is a highly attuned intuitive sense coupled with an inborn confidence that has often served me in steering projects.

Earth is our home and I choose to be part of the solutions that enable Earth and its life forms (including us humans) to flourish and thrive. I look forward to serving the totel.ly community.

testimonial Jóhannes Rónaldsson Technology & Planning Steward

Luke Skywalker, Gollem, Doctor Who, Dungeons & Dragons and my love for robots, space and the impossible have all made me who I am today. Fascinated with asking why impossible things are impossible, I am always finding ways to disprove perceived limitations. The limit is where your mind stops, and I have a rather large head, so for me the possibilities are endless.

As a young one, I grew up with a big love for nature and animals. Always out and about and while it seemed like I didn’t listen, I simply just ignored the things that I didn’t care about (I still kind of do that sometimes).

Exploration, finding ways to expand current knowledge and to make the world a better place has always been number one on my list. Some may have heard the saying “it needs to be better, faster and more efficient.” This is how I develop almost every aspect of my life and work.

Love and creativity are the leading forces in my life, especially the love for those who are around me, the planet and my music. Next to being a part-time nerd, I also have a big love and passion for music. Over the years I have written, composed and performed with and for various artists and have also released my own music under the name ‘Hair of the Dog’.

“Let there be rock! And let there be synergy! Together we can change the future for further generations and make the planet a thriving place for both nature and humankind.”

testimonial Ólafur Aron Sveinsson Company Communications & Stakeholder Steward

I was born and raised in Iceland growing up with seawater splashing into the living room window on windy days. I have always lived in close proximity to the natural elements and look for company and connection with nature as a source of energy, inspiration, renewal and space. I also had a unique job of 10 years working mostly outdoors as an in-water therapist. In a volcanic and geothermal environment. Where I enjoyed interesting and stimulating encounters with travellers from all over the world. To me, this has become one of the most overall human transformative and valuable experiences in my life. I feel more grounded locally, whilst simultaneously appreciating a strong sense of being a part of planet earth as a whole.

I am married to Tanja Wohlrab and a father of three charismatic children. I love writing, meditating, exercising and practicing different processes to get the most out of life. I find much pleasure in dialogues with inspirational minds and work to integrate different perspectives into my ever growing outlook on how the world spins and what makes us humans tick. I see myself as a person who always seeks to have a vision towards an evolving world, to serve an outcome of greater well being and thriving. But also to stimulate an active and solution driven mind and to invite progress, passion and balance to the various trajectories of everyday life.

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