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Our Team

Greetings from the Totel.ly team - the original Totellers!

Our core four steward Totel.ly’s mission and work with heart! We are excited to see what the future brings and look forward to expanding our toteller team.


Direction & Whole-Systems

Tanja Wohlrab

I was born in South Africa where the plethora of animals are a part of our natural environment, and where my sense of stewardships was fostered. My love for forests awakened when I lived in the UK. They are my sanctuary and I feel almost as if I am entering into a sacred space, where I feel welcomed as a member of the thriving collective of the forest consciousness. I now live in Iceland and no other place has given me such a visceral awareness of the power and beauty of the elements. My first experience of a glacier was like meeting a large being: a grandmother figure overseeing and taking care of her environment. A humbling experience.

I am a mother and wife (Ólafur Aron is my partner :-), and look to my family as my learning and nurturing space where I understand myself and my growing community. As reflected in times with children I naturally tend to seek experiences that fulfill a deep sense of purpose, with the excitement of creativity and curiosity of trying new things sprinkled with a sense of fun and play.

I have a strong drive which I enjoy directing towards projects that make me feel alive and that contribute to a greater whole.I would say my super power is a highly attuned intuitive sense coupled with an inborn confidence (of my inner sense) that has often served me in steering projects and my life.

Earth is our home and I choose to be part of the solutions that enable Earth and its life forms (including us humans) to flourish and thrive. I look forward to serving the totel.ly community.


Company Communications & Coaching

Ólafur Aron Sveinsson

I was born and raised in Iceland growing up with seawater splashing into the living room window on windy days. I have always lived in close proximity to the natural elements and look for company and connection with nature as a source of energy, inspiration, renewal and space. I also had a unique job of 10 years working mostly outdoors as an in-water therapist. In a volcanic and geothermal environment. Where I enjoyed interesting and stimulating encounters with travellers from all over the world. To me, this has become one of the most overall human transformative and valuable experiences in my life. I feel more grounded locally, whilst simultaneously appreciating a strong sense of being a part of planet earth as a whole.

I am married to Tanja Wohlrab and a father of three charismatic children. I love writing, meditating, exercising and practicing different processes to get the most out of life. I find much pleasure in dialogues with inspirational minds and work to integrate different perspectives into my ever growing outlook on how the world spins and what makes us humans tick. I see myself as a person who always seeks to have a vision towards an evolving world, to serve an outcome of greater well being and thriving. But also to stimulate an active and solution driven mind and to invite progress, passion and balance to the various trajectories of everyday life.


Technology, Marketing & Planning

Jóhannes Rónaldsson

Exploration, finding ways to expand current knowledge and to share this knowledge and wisdom have always been key aspects of my life.

“Let there be rock! And let there be synergy! Together we can change the future for further generations and make the planet a thriving place for both nature and humankind.”

Honorable Mentions

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