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Our journey aims to respect and mimic that of a natural ecosystem's growth.

We started with our seed idea and now developing into a sprout - soon to bear its first stems and leaves. We aim to grow organically within the local community. We can only truly grow with our communities to engage and support us. We are on a journey and we are inviting you to join us.

If you are excited and inspired by our vision and purpose, we invite you to join us in whichever way inspires you.

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What will you be contributing towards?

  • Running costs
  • Living salary for our Totel.ly team
  • Our Breakeven point - all donations go directly to our regenerative circular fund

51% of our profits from product sales go to our regenerative circular fund. Our regenerative circular fund will be used to support projects with a circular and / or regenerative mission. Any funds generated from a specific local area will be reinvested back into that local area.


Totel.ly Membership

Our starter membership monthly fee is €3

The primary way to support becoming a Totel.ly member. Our starter membership monthly fee is €3. That’s less than half a coffee in Iceland! This way, every member in the totel.ly community will be helping to further the circular regenerative principles in their local area. The membership fee also goes towards the work of the Totel.ly team - helping us to help you!

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Totel.ly Webshop

We have developed our own range of eco-friendly products

We have developed our own range of eco-friendly tools for sale on totel.ly. In partnership with providers of organic natural fibres, made only when there is demand, our products minimise waste and help you to sustain your eco goals. Before you purchase any of these new items, we invite you to ask yourselves the following questions:

  • Do I really need this? Can I use something I already own and repurpose it instead?
  • Will I use this item at least 30 times (to balance off the emissions created in the production over a longer life use)
  • Instead of buying something new, could I consider donating to Totel.ly instead?
Coming Soon

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Totel.ly Events

We value the process of continuous learning

As part of our totel.ly mission, we value the process of continuous learning. With this in mind, we have added an events section, featuring aligned courses for our totellers. As part of the starter membership you will receive a 12% discount on any events listed in our events section.

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Totel.ly Community

You are a fundamental part of our reason for being

totel.ly is a community at its heart. Our members/ totellers: people and organizations aiming for a future where our bioregions, individuals and our local communities thrive through the natural principles of circularity and regeneration. We cannot exist without you. You are a fundamental part of our reason for being. We greatly appreciate you sharing totel.ly with your friends, family and community.

Please share by:

  • Following our social media channels, where we are actively advocating the principles of circularity and regeneration.
  • Engage with us: comment on our posts, share them on your wall, share an image of your Totel.ly purchases.
  • Volunteer with us: do you have a skill you think would be beneficial to the totel.ly team? Please be in touch with us.
  • Contact us: we always LOVE to hear from you - especially if you have any ideas, feedback, praises or disagreements. We want to grow in ways which serve the needs of our community.

Our social media channels:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.