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Our Impact

Totel.ly is a social enterprise: a mission-based organisation.

Totel.ly is a social enterprise: a mission-based organisation, with a pledge to contribute to the future health of our planet. Our impact is core. That said, we are at the beginning and yet to gather data. Once live, our data will help us to realise and report our impact. Today, we share our priorities, intentions and what lies ahead.

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Our Journey

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Totel.ly's is inspired by regenerative design moving beyond sustainability, towards restoration and regeneration. To us, our journey is without end. To regenerate is to continuously evolve and renew. The process is open-ended and inclusive.

Our positive environmental impact is anchored by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of restoration and regeneration.

Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs detailed below are Totel.ly’s current guiding goals

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Restoration is also referred to as conservation

Restoration is also referred to as conservation. The work of restoring wetlands and forests, is an example of ecosystem restoration.

To support global restoration efforts, Totel.ly has committed to be part of the United Nations decade on ecosystem restoration. See our pledge. We advocate ecosystem restoration through our articles and social media. As we establish local connections, we will enquire into local acts of restoration, gaining awareness of existing values and approaches. We aim to support and collaborate with respect to the perspectives of each locality.

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Regeneration is key to our mission and reason for being

Regeneration of the environment and cultures. Ultimately, it is people, our perspectives and lifestyles which need collective reform. We need to transform the way we see ourselves in relation to earth. Moving from the narrative of separation to one of interbeing, where our decisions and discourse arise from a place of care, stewardship and desire for all life to thrive.

Regeneration is the journey of Totel.ly, and we invite our totellers, to embark upon it with us. A process of enquiry, a process of trying new ways of thinking and being in the world. Taking one step at a time and learning together by asking the questions that invite personal and collective reflection. The solutions that we choose to act on today will most likely be revisited in the future, superseded with newer solutions that arise from asking the “right” questions.

In our Totel.ly meetings, we start off by inviting Earth as a participant to the conversation. We welcome the wisdom of Earth to engage with the participants of the meeting. This act reminds us that we are a part of and stewards of Earth.