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We Are Totel.ly

Where Earth is Common Ground.

More than just getting by, our members are interested in waking up excited about what they will create and how they will serve the planet and others. It is a shared journey of breaking from the old and establishing new ways of living. Each small step is cooperative, gives back to nature and aligns with regenerative ways.

Piloting in Iceland in Winter 2021

Our community space offers members an area for sharing experiences and ideas with each other, along with community events. Our learning space offers opportunities to learn from the collective including events that bring people together online and in person and aims to help us all make meaningful changes. Our exchange space offers members the ability to share their circular creations and services with each other.

We support our members toward a life-affirming lifestyle through our coaching and personalised services. Each member is a valued part of the whole. Our community champions stewardship of the resources of our planet. We do this through encouraging a learning environment with a more circular and regenerative way of living, for both us and generations to come. Collectively, we aim beyond sustainability [link to Impact page]. Every small action at totel.ly gives back: to local communities, the natural world and to our members.

Mission, Vision & Values

Collectively We Collaborate With The Planet

How do we aim to put our mission into action?

Regenerative living taps into the potential of living in harmony with ourselves and the environment in which we are a part of. The environment can support us and we can support the environment. The crisis in our climate is also a human crisis. We can make adjustments to our lifestyle to support our life-affirming needs and the world around us, both individually and as a community. In this new way, everything we create and offer requires alignment with circular and regenerative principles. totel.ly is a membership platform that supports its members to truly integrate life-affirming lifestyles and live these principles.

How do we aim to put our vision into action?

Our regenerative and circular vision optimises individual and collective resources that will, with time, contribute to “Overshoot Date”. Our totel.ly platform will integrate measurement and incentive tools to reduce our carbon footprint as well as build on regenerative and circular practises. Through our collective efforts we actively shape our future, choosing to go forward with a thriving, circular and regenerative culture. This is co-created through members learning more about themselves, their relationship with nature and technology. Awareness and new understanding has true impact when anchored through aligned action. Every member’s process contributes to our vision and we offer tools and services to help transform your daily action.

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Our Values

What Exactly Are Our Values? Here Are A Few!